Top 5 Fashion Essentials Every Woman Must Have in Her Closet

As of today, there are number of fashion essentials that we even can’t count, but some of them are very likely that every woman should have in her wardrobe. The fashion era is moving rapidly and taking its own unique shape and in this colorful era the essential things that a woman must have are listed below.

A Pair of Elegant Footwear

The finest part of dressing is when you have a good pair of heels on your feet. Many people think that only wearing a good dress is essential for looking good and will cover all your looks, but the scene is different.You should also have a good pair of footwear, which will reflect your toes and make you look perfect and complete.

Decent Leather Belt

Having a pair of jeans is not really a requirement, but along with that you must also wear a decent leather belt, which will suit your outfit nicely and give a super classy look.It will also be useful for your formal attire.


A Blazer

A blazer is a vital essential for formal wear. Instead of buying a simple black colored blazer, try getting something in a good color, which will grab all eyes when you walk in.Blazer can be paired with anything like short dresses, business/formal attire or skirts.The only thing you have to take care of is that it should fit your body perfectly and the length should be only till waist.


Even if you are wearing a decent piece of jeans and t-shirt, a printed scarf will cover all the looks and make you more fashionable and good looking.You must have at least 2 pairs of scarves in your closet to complete your look even when you wear a simple dress.


Even a basic closet should have at least one necklace as it gives you a simple and strong feminine look.When you stand in front of the mirror and see, you’ll realize that wearing a necklace makes you more beautiful.Gone are those days when you had to think whether to wear necklace or not. Now the fashion is such that you can wear a necklace to get a decent look.

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