Flowers For Weddings

Wedding flowers help to set a certain tone, color, and in general make the place and ceremony look more festive. The best way to decide which ones to use for the wedding is by checking to see which ones are in season at the moment. This will ensure that you will get the freshest possible choices. The following are some examples to help you choose which type are the best.

Spring is perhaps the best time to find the best choices of flowers. For the obvious reason that it is the time of year when you start to see flowers go in to bloom. Here are some examples of such flowers.

Bells of Ireland: This type is available from February to October. This green plant is a popular item as a centerpiece for a bouquet.

Casa Blanca, a.k.a Stargazer Lily: This is a flower that belongs in the Lily family. The great thing about this type is that it is available most of the year except in autumn. The flowers can either be white or pink in color. If the wedding is going to have a tropical flavor to it then this type can be an excellent addition. They are basically just classy and elegant looking not to mention very fragrant.

Anemone: This type is a relatively new entrant in the wedding scene and has seen its popularity increase. It is available most of the time except during summer. If the wedding is going to be a “black and white” one then this flower is a must. It is white in color and the center part is black. In fact it is one of the few flowers that have true black in it.

Cherry Blossom: If you are doing an East-West theme wedding then the pink flowering branches of cherry blossoms are a great addition. The reason is that cherry blossoms are associated with oriental culture such as Japan and Korea.

Daffodil: Daffodils perhaps signify spring the most compared to any other flower. This flower tends to give a cheerful mood to any setting. The color is usually yellow but sometimes yellow and white, yellow and orange can be found.

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