5 Best Hot Wedding Tips on a Budget

You may believe that it is impossible to have your wedding look extravagant without a big bucks budget.

Fortunately there are a lot of great wedding tips on a budget available for you. Here are my 5 most smashing wedding tips for the budget bride and groom.

There are a lot of areas where you can save a great deal of money for your wedding. And do not worry about the appearance of your wedding even if you can not spend that much money. It does not have to look cheap!

My List of 5 Hot Wedding Tips on a Budget

1. The Guest List

Most people want to invite a lot of guests to their big day. All family members, friends an co-workers. What you may not consider is that a big guest list will cost you much more money. Try to filter out the guest list a bit and think of the people that are most important to you, and maybe you can make it a little bit smaller, and cheaper.

2. The Invitation Cards

Pre-made and customized invitation cards can be very costly. A great alternative to buying these, are to do-it-yourself. There are thousands of great templates online which you could use to design your own wedding invitation cards. Many of them are FREE, and others can be purchased for a couple of dollars. When you are done you could print them from your computer or you could just send them electronically by email.

3. The Wedding Dress

The bride’s wedding dress could become an expensive story of it’s own. There are a lot of possibilities online where you can get really cheap dresses, maybe used only one time or even zero times. eBay is a great place to start looking at, but you could also check out some ads sites.

4. The Decorations

Decorations are very important on a wedding, but it could also be very expensive to buy all the flower arrangements, centerpieces and other stuff from a professional decorator. All of this is totally possible to create yourself, with a little imagination and creativity. Go buy yourself a book about decorations, check out YouTube or just “Google” it.

5. The Alcohol Expenses

If possible, cut down your alcohol expenses to the minimum. This one of the most costly things at the reception party, so cutting these costs could really save your budget. Maybe it’s not an option for you to skip alcohol, then you should at least try to serve a limited variety of alcohol.

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